Channelstars provides best in class technology solutions for Blockchain, Tokens (NFT), Unified Communications and Virtual Office, Cloud and SaaS, Customer Experience, and Data Security


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Channelstars provides full service from strategy of blockchain software development, to implementation, and sustainable use.


We have experience and partnerships with many blockchain platforms and build custom solutions on top of them. We consider such factors as your business needs, the purpose of blockchain, your available computing power, and budget expectations, to determine the right technology to become the core of your blockchain application development.  We use both permissive and non-permissive isolated and blended environments using integrated oracles.


Platforms include Hyperledger, Etherium, Chain, MultiChain, Bitcoin, Tierion, Dash, Ripple, Cardano,  Mem,  Polkadot, and Polygam.


Channelstars provides consulting and development for Token based systems including Crypto Currency, Fungible and Non-Fungable (NFT), and Digital Wallets.


As experts with BRANDS in the non-fungible token (NFT) space, we can help you create and license any type of digital item whether it is focused on art, gaming, ticketing, music, real estate and any of the hundreds of other applications.   We can assist with the best marketplace strategy and/or build one for your specific requirement.


Communication is essential to every business. Even more critical now with a highly distributed workplace. There are thousands of communication platforms, the difficultly is finding and using the right one that fits your business. We use your business objectives and  goals and challenges to find the perfect communication platform.  Integrate it into your environment or start from scratch.  We use mobile tools, analytics, SaaS, and we negotiate the best package for your company from the user licensing to the carrier data


Channelstars provides all the technology needed to make a virtual office environment easy and efficient. We provide collaborative tools for video conferencing, communication, data access, chat, video and voice communication, communities, conference rooms, data accessibility, video and audio clarity solutions, bandwidth improvement, and streaming.    We partner with the top manufacturers in the virtual / remote office space to ensure that your business thrives


Channelstars can help migrate any of your applications and data into the cloud with significantly better security and accessibility to your data.  If you have any local server applications and are still supporting VPN and local infrastructure, let us help you improve your systems anmd lower your costs


Anti-VIRUS and Anti-Spam software is not enough.  We can develop a comphrehensive data security strategy and implementation that is seamless to your business and allows for the data accessibility you are used to.   Don’t be a victim of internal or external IP loss or threats.  Talk to us about your environment and we can lay out a secure data strategy for your company to start today